Pronunciation of Brave  

English Meaning

  1. Possessing or displaying courage; valiant.
  2. Making a fine display; impressive or showy: "a coat of brave red lipstick on a mouth so wrinkled that it didn't even have a clear outline” ( Anne Tyler).
  3. Excellent; great: "The Romans were like brothers/In the brave days of old” ( Thomas Macaulay).
  4. A Native American warrior.
  5. A courageous person.
  6. Archaic A bully.
  7. To undergo or face courageously.
  8. To challenge; dare: "Together they would brave Satan and all his legions” ( Emily Brontë).
  9. Obsolete To make showy or splendid.
  10. Archaic To make a courageous show or put up a stalwart front.


Tamil Meaning