Pronunciation of Dear  

English Meaning

  1. Loved and cherished: my dearest friend.
  2. Greatly valued; precious: lost everything dear to them.
  3. Highly esteemed or regarded. Used in direct address, especially in salutations: Dear Lee Dawson.
  4. High-priced; expensive.
  5. Charging high prices.
  6. Earnest; ardent: "This good man was a dear lover and constant practicer of angling” ( Izaak Walton).
  7. Obsolete Noble; worthy.
  8. Heartfelt: It is my dearest wish.
  9. One that is greatly loved.
  10. An endearing, lovable, or kind person.
  11. With fondness; affectionately.
  12. At a high cost: sold their wares dear.
  13. Used as a polite exclamation, chiefly of surprise or distress: oh dear; dear me.
  14. Severe; grievous; sore: our dearest need.


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