Pronunciation of Lose  

English Meaning

  1. To be unsuccessful in retaining possession of; mislay: He's always losing his car keys.
  2. To be deprived of (something one has had): lost her art collection in the fire; lost her job.
  3. To be left alone or desolate because of the death of: lost his wife.
  4. To be unable to keep alive: a doctor who has lost very few patients.
  5. To be unable to keep control or allegiance of: lost his temper at the meeting; is losing supporters by changing his mind.
  6. To fail to win; fail in: lost the game; lost the court case.
  7. To fail to use or take advantage of: Don't lose a chance to improve your position.
  8. To fail to hear, see, or understand: We lost the plane in the fog. I lost her when she started speaking about thermodynamics.
  9. To let (oneself) become unable to find the way.
  10. To remove (oneself), as from everyday reality into a fantasy world.
  11. To rid oneself of: lost five pounds.
  12. To consume aimlessly; waste: lost a week in idle occupations.
  13. To wander from or become ignorant of: lose one's way.
  14. To elude or outdistance: lost their pursuers.
  15. To be outdistanced by: chased the thieves but lost them.
  16. To become slow by (a specified amount of time). Used of a timepiece.
  17. To cause or result in the loss of: Failure to reply to the advertisement lost her the job.
  18. To cause to be destroyed. Usually used in the passive: Both planes were lost in the crash.
  19. To cause to be damned.
  20. To suffer loss.
  21. To be defeated.
  22. To operate or run slow. Used of a timepiece.
  23. lose out To fail to achieve or receive an expected gain.
  24. lose it Slang To lose control; blow up.
  25. lose it Slang To become deranged or mentally disturbed.
  26. lose it Slang To become less capable or proficient; decline.
  27. lose out on To miss (an opportunity, for example).
  28. lose time To operate too slowly. Used of a timepiece.
  29. lose time To delay advancement.


Tamil Meaning


இழந்து விடு