Pronunciation of Mad  

English Meaning

  1. Angry; resentful. See Synonyms at angry.
  2. Suffering from a disorder of the mind; insane.
  3. Temporarily or apparently deranged by violent sensations, emotions, or ideas: mad with jealousy.
  4. Lacking restraint or reason; foolish: I was mad to have hired her in the first place.
  5. Feeling or showing strong liking or enthusiasm: mad about sports.
  6. Marked by extreme excitement, confusion, or agitation; frantic: a mad scramble for the bus.
  7. Boisterously gay; hilarious: had a mad time.
  8. Affected by rabies; rabid.
  9. To make or become mad; madden.
  10. like mad Informal Wildly; impetuously: drove like mad.
  11. like mad Informal To an intense degree or great extent: worked like mad; snowing like mad.
  12. mad as a hatter Crazy; deranged.


Tamil Meaning


பித்து பிடித்த