Pronunciation of Popular  

English Meaning

  1. Widely liked or appreciated: a popular resort.
  2. Liked by acquaintances; sought after for company: "Beware of over-great pleasure in being popular or even beloved” ( Margaret Fuller).
  3. Of, representing, or carried on by the people at large: the popular vote.
  4. Fit for, adapted to, or reflecting the taste of the people at large: popular entertainment; popular science.
  5. Accepted by or prevalent among the people in general: a popular misunderstanding of the issue.
  6. Suited to or within the means of ordinary people: popular prices.
  7. Originating among the people: popular legend.


Tamil Meaning



மக்களால் விரும்பப்பட்ட

சாமானிய பிரஜைகள்

மக்கள் பாராட்டிற்குரிய