Pronunciation of Sauce  

English Meaning

  1. A flavorful seasoning or relish served as an accompaniment to food, especially a liquid dressing or topping for food.
  2. Stewed fruit, usually served with other foods.
  3. Something that adds zest, flavor, or piquancy.
  4. Informal Impudent speech or behavior; impertinence or sauciness.
  5. Slang Alcoholic liquor.
  6. To season or flavor with sauce.
  7. To add piquancy or zest to.
  8. Informal To be impertinent or impudent to.


Tamil Meaning


உணவுடன் சேர்த்து உண்ணப்படும் குழம்பு

உணவுடன் சாப்பிடும் குழம்ப வகை