Pronunciation of Still  

English Meaning

  1. Free of sound.
  2. Low in sound; hushed or subdued.
  3. Not moving or in motion.
  4. Free from disturbance, agitation, or commotion.
  5. Free from a noticeable current: a still pond; still waters.
  6. Not carbonated; lacking effervescence: a still wine.
  7. Of or relating to a single or static photograph as opposed to a movie.
  8. Silence; quiet: the still of the night.
  9. A still photograph, especially one taken from a scene of a movie and used for promotional purposes.
  10. A still-life picture.
  11. Without movement; motionlessly: stand still.
  12. At the present time; for the present: We are still waiting.
  13. Up to or at a specified time; yet: still had not made up her mind.
  14. At a future time; eventually: may still see the error of his ways.
  15. In increasing amount or degree; even: and still further complaints.
  16. In addition; besides: had still another helping.
  17. All the same; nevertheless.
  18. To make still or tranquil.
  19. To make quiet; silence.
  20. To make motionless.
  21. To allay; calm: The parents stilled their child's fears of the dark.
  22. To become still.
  23. still and all Informal After taking everything into consideration; nevertheless; however: Still and all, our objective can be achieved.
  24. An apparatus for distilling liquids, such as alcohols, consisting of a vessel in which the substance is vaporized by heat and a cooling device in which the vapor is condensed.
  25. A distillery.


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