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Word :   Tuna  [Was It ടന, തുണ, ടണ, റ്റുന, ടുണ ?]
English Meaning :  The Opuntia Tuna. See Prickly pear, under Prickly
  1. Any of various often large scombroid marine food and game fishes of the genus Thunnus and related genera, many of which, including T. thynnus and the albacore, are commercially important sources of canned fish. Also called tunny.
  2. Any of several related fishes, such as the bonito.
  3. The edible flesh of tuna, often canned or processed. Also called tuna fish.
  4. Any of several flat-jointed tropical American cacti of the genus Opuntia, which includes the prickly pears, especially O. tuna of Jamaica, having yellow flowers and edible red fruit.
  5. The edible fruit of any of these cacti. Also called cactus pear.

Malayalam Meaning
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: അയലപോലിരിക്കുന്ന ഒരിനം മത്സ്യം - Ayalapolirikkunna Orinam Mathsyam ; ചൂര മീന്‍ - Choora Meen‍ ; ചൂര - Choora ; കുടുത - Kudutha ; അയലപോലിരിക്കുന്ന ഒരിനം മത്സ്യം - Ayalapolirikkunna Orinam Mathsyam ; ചൂര മീന്‍ - Choora Meen‍
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prickly pear cactus, prickly pear, eel


prickly, tuna fish

Synonym - പര്യായം

tunny, tuna fish

Rhyme - പ്രാസം

Altoona, Fortuna, Kuna, Luna, Oona, Una, iduna, kahuna, koruna, kuna

Same Context - ഒരേ സാഹചര്യം

sardine, salmon, mackerel, halibut, swordfish, shrimp, seafood, lobster, macaroni, ham

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