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The act or process of adapting, or fitting; or the state of being adapted or fitted; fitness.

  1. The act or process of adapting.
  2. The state of being adapted.
  3. Something, such as a device or mechanism, that is changed or changes so as to become suitable to a new or special application or situation.
  4. A composition that has been recast into a new form: The play is an adaptation of a short novel.
  5. Biology An alteration or adjustment in structure or habits, often hereditary, by which a species or individual improves its condition in relationship to its environment.
  6. Physiology The responsive adjustment of a sense organ, such as the eye, to varying conditions, such as light intensity.
  7. Change in behavior of a person or group in response to new or modified surroundings.

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× അനുവർത്തനം - Anuvarththanam | Anuvarthanam
× പരിതഃസ്ഥിതകളോടു പൂര്‍ണ്ണമായും ഇണങ്ങിചേരല്‍ - Parithasthithakalodu Poor‍nnamaayum Inangicheral‍ | Parithasthithakalodu Poor‍nnamayum Inangicheral‍
× ഉപയോഗപ്പെടുത്തുക - Upayogappeduththuka | Upayogappeduthuka


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