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On the way; agoing; as, to be agate; to set the bells agate.

  1. A fine-grained, fibrous variety of chalcedony with colored bands or irregular clouding.
  2. Games A playing marble made of agate or a glass imitation of it; an aggie.
  3. A tool with agate parts, such as a burnisher tipped with agate.
  4. Printing A type size, approximately 5 1/2 points.

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× നാനാവര്‍ണ്ണമുള്ള രത്‌നം - Naanaavar‍nnamulla Rathnam | Nanavar‍nnamulla Rathnam
× നാനാവർണ്ണമുള്ള രത്‌നം - Naanaavarnnamulla Rathnam | Nanavarnnamulla Rathnam


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