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Soda ash; caustic soda, caustic potash, etc.

  1. A carbonate or hydroxide of an alkali metal, the aqueous solution of which is bitter, slippery, caustic, and characteristically basic in reactions.
  2. Any of various soluble mineral salts found in natural water and arid soils.
  3. Alkali metal.
  4. A substance having highly basic properties; a strong base.

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;ക്ഷാരം - Kshaaram | Ksharam ;ചുണ്ണാമ്പ്‌ - Chunnaampu | Chunnampu ;മരഉപ്പ് - Marauppu | Marouppu ;കാരം - Kaaram | Karam ;ലവണസാരം - Lavanasaaram | Lavanasaram ;

ചുണ്ണാന്പ് - Chunnaanpu | Chunnanpu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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