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Possessing, or controlled by, ambition; greatly or inordinately desirous of power, honor, office, superiority, or distinction.

  1. Full of, characterized by, or motivated by ambition.
  2. Greatly desirous; eager: "I am not ambitious of ridicule” ( Edmund Burke).
  3. Requiring or showing much effort; challenging: an ambitious schedule.

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ഉത്‌കര്‍ഷേച്ഛ നിറഞ്ഞ - Uthkar‍shechcha Niranja ;തീവ്ര ഉൽക്കർഷച്ഛയുള്ള - Theevra Ulkkarshachchayulla ;അഭിലാഷം - Abhilaasham | Abhilasham ;തീവ്ര ഉല്‍ക്കര്‍ഷച്ഛയുള്ള - Theevra Ul‍kkar‍shachchayulla ;ഉത്‌കർഷേച്ഛ നിറഞ്ഞ - Uthkarshechcha Niranja ;തീവ്രമായ ഉത്‌കർഷേച്ഛയുള്ള - Theevramaaya Uthkarshechchayulla | Theevramaya Uthkarshechchayulla ;

തൃഷ്ണ - Thrushna ;തീവ്രമായ ഉത്‌കര്‍ഷേച്ഛയുള്ള - Theevramaaya Uthkar‍shechchayulla | Theevramaya Uthkar‍shechchayulla ;തീവ്രഉല്‍ക്കര്‍ഷേച്ഛയുള്ള - Theevraul‍kkar‍shechchayulla | Theevroul‍kkar‍shechchayulla ;അതിമോഹമുള്ള - Athimohamulla ;അതിമോഹമുള്ള - Athimohamulla ;അതിമോഹം - Athimoham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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