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A movable, articulated organ of sensation, attached to the heads of insects and Crustacea. There are two in the former, and usually four in the latter. They are used as organs of touch, and in some species of Crustacea the cavity of the ear is situated near the basal joint. In insects, they are popularly called horns, and also feelers. The term in also applied to similar organs on the heads of other arthropods and of annelids.

  1. Zoology One of the paired, flexible, segmented sensory appendages on the head of an insect, myriapod, or crustacean functioning primarily as an organ of touch.
  2. Something likened to this sensory appendage, as in function or form: sensitive public relations antennae.
  3. A metallic apparatus for sending or receiving electromagnetic waves.

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× ശൃംഗിക; #സ്പർശനി; #ക്ഷുദപ്രാണികളുടെ സ്പർശശക്തിയുളള കൊമ്പ്. - Shrumgika; #sparshani; #kshudhapraanikalude Sparshashakthiyulala Kompu. | Shrumgika; #sparshani; #kshudhapranikalude Sparshashakthiyulala Kompu.
× ശൃംഗിക - Shrumgika
× ക്ഷുദപ്രാണികളുടെ സ്പര്‍ശശക്തിയുളള കൊന്പ്. - Kshudhapraanikalude Spar‍shashakthiyulala Konpu. | Kshudhapranikalude Spar‍shashakthiyulala Konpu.
× ക്ഷുദ്രപ്രാണികളുടെ സ്‌പര്‍ശ ശക്തിയുള്ള കൊമ്പ്‌ - Kshudhrapraanikalude Spar‍sha Shakthiyulla Kompu | Kshudhrapranikalude Spar‍sha Shakthiyulla Kompu
× വായുസംബന്ധമുള്ള കമ്പി - Vaayusambandhamulla Kampi | Vayusambandhamulla Kampi
× ക്ഷുദ്രപ്രാണികളുടെ സ്‌പര്‍ശശക്തിയുള്ള കൊമ്പ്‌ - Kshudhrapraanikalude Spar‍shashakthiyulla Kompu | Kshudhrapranikalude Spar‍shashakthiyulla Kompu
× ആന്റിന - Aantina | antina


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