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A substance (sometimes the product of a specific micro-organism and sometimes naturally present in the blood or tissues of an animal), capable of producing immunity from certain diseases, or of counteracting the poisonous effects of pathogenic bacteria.

  1. An antibody formed in response to and capable of neutralizing a specific toxin of biological origin.
  2. An animal or human serum containing antitoxins. It is used in medicine to prevent or treat diseases caused by the action of biological toxins, such as tetanus, botulism, and diphtheria.

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× വിഷവീര്യം കെടുത്താൻ രക്തത്തിൽ കലർത്തുന്ന ദ്രാവകം - Vishaveeryam Keduththaan Rakthaththil Kalarththunna Dhraavakam | Vishaveeryam Keduthan Rakthathil Kalarthunna Dhravakam
× വിഷവീര്യം കെടുത്തുന്നതിനു രക്തത്തില്‍ കലര്‍ത്തുന്ന ദ്രാവകം - Vishaveeryam Keduththunnathinu Rakthaththil‍ Kalar‍ththunna Dhraavakam | Vishaveeryam Keduthunnathinu Rakthathil‍ Kalar‍thunna Dhravakam


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