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Constant or close application or attention, particularly to some business or enterprise; diligence.

  1. Persistent application or diligence; unflagging effort.
  2. Constant personal attention and often obsequious solicitude. Often used in the plural.

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ഉത്സാഹം - Uthsaaham | Uthsaham ;തൽപരത - Thalparatha ;ഉദ്യമം; #ഉത്സാഹം; #ശുഷ്കാന്തി - Udhyamam; #uthsaaham; #shushkaanthi | Udhyamam; #uthsaham; #shushkanthi ;നിരന്തരോദ്യമം - Nirantharodhyamam ;ശുഷ്കാന്തി - Shushkaanthi | Shushkanthi ;തല്‍പരത - Thal‍paratha ;

ഉദ്യമം - Udhyamam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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