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Greediness; strong appetite; eagerness; intenseness of desire; as, to eat with avidity.

  1. Ardent desire or craving; eagerness.
  2. Keen interest or enthusiasm: followed the tournament with avidity.
  3. Chemistry The dissociation-dependent strength of an acid or base.
  4. Chemistry Degree of affinity.

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പക്ഷിക്കൂട് - Pakshikkoodu ;ഔത്സുക്യം - Authsukyam | outhsukyam ;ആര്‍ത്തി - Aar‍ththi | ar‍thi ;ആർത്തി - Aarththi | arthi ;ലോലുപനായ - Lolupanaaya | Lolupanaya ;ഉത്സുകനായ - Uthsukanaaya | Uthsukanaya ;


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