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See Barytone.

  1. A male singer or voice with a range higher than a bass and lower than a tenor.
  2. An instrument that sounds within this range.
  3. A vocal or instrumental part written in this range.
  4. A valved brass instrument similar to but larger than the euphonium.

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ഈ സ്വരമുള്ള ഗായകന്‍ - Ee Svaramulla Gaayakan‍ | Ee swaramulla Gayakan‍ ;ഒരു സംഗീതോപകരണം - Oru Samgeethopakaranam ;ഗംഭീര പുരുഷസ്വരമുള്ള ഗായകൻ - Gambheera Purushasvaramulla Gaayakan | Gambheera Purushaswaramulla Gayakan ;ഗംഭീര പുരുഷസ്വരം - Gambheera Purushasvaram | Gambheera Purushaswaram ;ഒരു സംഗീതോപകരണം - Oru Samgeethopakaranam ;ഗംഭീരപുരുഷസ്വയം - Gambheerapurushasvayam | Gambheerapurushaswayam ;

ഗംഭീര പുരുഷസ്വരമുള്ള ഗായകന്‍ - Gambheera Purushasvaramulla Gaayakan‍ | Gambheera Purushaswaramulla Gayakan‍ ;ഒരു സംഗീതോപകരണണ്‍ - Oru Samgeethopakaranan‍ ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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