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A name given to the seed of certain leguminous herbs, chiefly of the genera Faba, Phaseolus, and Dolichos; also, to the herbs.

  1. Any of various New World twining herbs of the genus Phaseolus in the pea family, having leaves with three leaflets, variously colored flowers, and edible pods and seeds.
  2. A seed or pod of any of these plants.
  3. Any of several related plants or their seeds or pods, such as the adzuki bean, broad bean, or soybean.
  4. Any of various other plants or their seeds or fruits, especially those suggestive of beans, such as the coffee bean or the vanilla bean.
  5. Slang A person's head.
  6. Slang A small amount: I don't know beans about investing.
  7. Chiefly British A fellow; a chap.
  8. Slang To hit (another) on the head with a thrown object, especially a pitched baseball.
  9. full of beans Energetic; frisky: The children were too full of beans to sit still.
  10. full of beans Badly mistaken: Don't believe him; he's full of beans.
  11. spill the beans To disclose a secret.

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× രശ്മി - Rashmi
× അമര - Amara
× ചെറിയ നാണയം - Cheriya Naanayam | Cheriya Nanayam
× പയര്‍ - Payar‍
× പയർ - Payar
× തടി - Thadi
× കിരണം - Kiranam
× മുതിര മുതലായവ - Muthira Muthalaayava | Muthira Muthalayava
× ഒട്ടും തന്നെ (നിഷേധാര്‍ത്ഥം) - Ottum Thanne (nishedhaar‍ththam) | Ottum Thanne (nishedhar‍tham)
× തല - Thala


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