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The wax secreted by bees, and of which their cells are constructed.

  1. The yellow to grayish-brown wax secreted by the honeybee for constructing honeycombs.
  2. Commercial wax obtained by processing and purifying the crude wax of the honeybee and used in making candles, crayons, and polishes.

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മോദനം - Modhanam ;മധുശേഷം - Madhushesham ; ;സ്നിഗ്ദ്ധം - Snigddham | Snigdham ;മധൂച്ഛിഷ്ടം - Madhoochchishdam ;മധുവിട്ട് - Madhuvittu ;

മക്ഷികാമലം - Makshikaamalam | Makshikamalam ;മധുജം - Madhujam ;മാക്ഷീകജം - Maaksheekajam | Maksheekajam ;മെഴുക് - Mezhuku ;ഭ്രമരം - Bhramaram ;


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