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A beak, as of a bird, or sometimes of a turtle or other animal.

  1. An itemized list or statement of fees or charges.
  2. A statement or list of particulars, such as a theater program or menu.
  3. The entertainment offered by a theater.
  4. A public notice, such as an advertising poster.
  5. A piece of legal paper money: a ten-dollar bill.
  6. Slang One hundred dollars.
  7. A bill of exchange.
  8. Obsolete A promissory note.
  9. A draft of a proposed law presented for approval to a legislative body.
  10. The law enacted from such a draft: a bottle bill in effect in three states; the GI Bill.
  11. Law A document presented to a court and containing a formal statement of a case, complaint, or petition.
  12. To present a statement of costs or charges to.
  13. To enter on a statement of costs or on a particularized list.
  14. To advertise or schedule by public notice or as part of a program.
  15. To declare or describe officially; proclaim: a policy that was billed as an important departure for the administration.
  16. The horny part of the jaws of a bird; a beak.
  17. A beaklike mouth part, such as that of a turtle.
  18. The visor of a cap.
  19. Nautical The tip of the fluke of an anchor.
  20. To touch beaks together.
  21. bill and coo To kiss or caress and murmur endearments.
  22. A billhook.
  23. A halberd or similar weapon with a hooked blade and a long handle.

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× ചഞ്ചു - Chanchu
× വെട്ടുകത്തി - Vettukaththi | Vettukathi
× ബാങ്ക്‌ നോട്ട്‌ - Baanku Nottu | Banku Nottu
× ബില്‍ - Bil‍
× ദ്വിഭാഷി - Dhvibhaashi | Dhvibhashi
× അരിവാള്‍ - Arivaal‍ | Arival‍
× അരിവാള്‍പോലുള്ള ഒരായുധം - Arivaal‍polulla Oraayudham | Arival‍polulla Orayudham
× അരിവാള്‍പോലുള്ള ഒരായുധം - Arivaal‍polulla Oraayudham | Arival‍polulla Orayudham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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