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A kind of unraised bread, of many varieties, plain, sweet, or fancy, formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard; as, ship biscuit.

  1. A small cake of shortened bread leavened with baking powder or soda.
  2. Chiefly British A thin, crisp cracker.
  3. Chiefly British A cookie.
  4. A pale brown.
  5. Clay that has been fired once but not glazed. Also called bisque2.

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× ബിസ്‌ക്കറ്റ്‌ എന്ന പലഹാരം - Biskkattu Enna Palahaaram | Biskkattu Enna Palaharam
× മിനുസപ്പെടുത്താത്ത മണ്‍പാത്രം - Minusappeduththaaththa Man‍paathram | Minusappeduthatha Man‍pathram


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