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In England, a species of thrush (Turdus merula), a singing bird with a fin note; the merle. In America the name is given to several birds, as the Quiscalus versicolor, or crow blackbird; the Agelæus phœniceus, or red-winged blackbird; the cowbird; the rusty grackle, etc. See Redwing.

  1. Any of various New World birds of the family Icteridae, such as the grackle or red-winged blackbird, the male of which has black or predominantly black plumage.
  2. An Old World songbird (Turdus merula), the male of which is black with a yellow bill. Also called merle1.
  3. Australian A South Sea Islander kidnapped and sold into slavery in Australia; a Kanaka.
  4. Australian To kidnap (a South Sea Islander) and sell into slavery.


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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