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A costume for women, consisting of a short dress, with loose trousers gathered round ankles, and (commonly) a broad-brimmed hat.

  1. A plant that blooms.
  2. A person who attains full maturity and competence: a late bloomer.
  3. Slang A blunder.
  4. A costume formerly worn by women and girls that was composed of loose trousers gathered about the ankles and worn under a short skirt.
  5. Wide, loose trousers gathered at the knee and formerly worn by women and girls as an athletic costume.
  6. Girls' underpants of similar design.

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× വികാസം - Vikaasam | Vikasam
× കവിൾത്തടത്തിലെ മനോഹരമായ പാടല വർണം - Kavilththadaththile Manoharamaaya Paadala Varnam | Kavilthadathile Manoharamaya Padala Varnam
× പൂവ് - Poovu
× മണ്ടത്തം - Mandaththam | Mandatham
× അബദ്ധം പിണയല്‍ - Abaddham Pinayal‍ | Abadham Pinayal‍


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