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  1. A state of depression or melancholy. Often used with the.
  2. A style of music that evolved from southern African-American secular songs and is usually distinguished by a strong 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths, a 12-bar structure, and lyrics in a three-line stanza in which the second line repeats the first: "The blues is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation” ( B.B. King).

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× ഒരു സംഗീത വിഭാഗം - Oru Samgeetha Vibhaagam | Oru Samgeetha Vibhagam
× ദൂഃഖകരമായ അവസ്ഥ - Dhooakhakaramaaya Avastha | Dhooakhakaramaya Avastha
× സാമ്പത്തിക മാന്ദ്യം ബാധിച്ച അവസ്ഥ - Saampaththika Maandhyam Baadhicha Avastha | Sampathika Mandhyam Badhicha Avastha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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