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A goblin; a bugbear. See Bogy.

  1. An evil or mischievous spirit; a hobgoblin.
  2. A cause of annoyance or harassment.
  3. Sports The number of strokes that a good player is likely to need to finish a golf hole or course.
  4. Sports A golf score of one stroke over par.
  5. Slang An unidentified flying aircraft.
  6. Slang A detective or police officer.
  7. Sports To play (a hole in golf) scoring one stroke over par.

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× കുട്ടിച്ചാത്തൻ - Kuttichaaththan | Kuttichathan
× തടി - Thadi
× ശരീരം - Shareeram
× ചെകുത്താന്‍ - Chekuththaan‍ | Chekuthan‍
× കുട്ടിച്ചാത്തന്‍ - Kuttichaaththan‍ | Kuttichathan‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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