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Easily broken; apt to break; fragile; not tough or tenacious.

  1. Likely to break, snap, or crack, as when subjected to pressure: brittle bones.
  2. Easily damaged or disrupted; fragile: a brittle friendship. See Synonyms at fragile.
  3. Difficult to deal with; snappish: a brittle disposition.
  4. Lacking warmth of feeling; cold: a reputation for being brittle and aloof.
  5. Brilliantly sharp, as in percussive sound.
  6. Perishable.
  7. Fleeting; transitory.
  8. A confection of caramelized sugar to which nuts are added: walnut brittle.

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× എളുപ്പത്തില്‍ പൊട്ടുന്ന - Eluppaththil‍ Pottunna | Eluppathil‍ Pottunna
× ഉത്സാഹത്തോടെ - Uthsaahaththode | Uthsahathode
× വേഗം - Vegam
× എളുപ്പത്തില്‍ തകരുന്ന - Eluppaththil‍ Thakarunna | Eluppathil‍ Thakarunna


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