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A small protuberance on the stem or branches of a plant, containing the rudiments of future leaves, flowers, or stems; an undeveloped branch or flower.

  1. Botany A small protuberance on a stem or branch, sometimes enclosed in protective scales and containing an undeveloped shoot, leaf, or flower.
  2. Botany The stage or condition of having buds: branches in full bud.
  3. Biology An asexual reproductive structure, as in yeast or a hydra, that consists of an outgrowth capable of developing into a new individual.
  4. Biology A small, rounded organic part, such as a taste bud, that resembles a plant bud.
  5. One that is not yet fully developed: the bud of a new idea.
  6. To put forth or produce buds: a plant that buds in early spring.
  7. To develop or grow from or as if from a bud: "listened sympathetically for a moment, a bemused smile budding forth” ( Washington Post).
  8. To be in an undeveloped stage or condition.
  9. To reproduce asexually by forming a bud.
  10. To cause to put forth buds.
  11. To graft a bud onto (a plant).
  12. Informal Friend; chum. Used as a form of familiar address, especially for a man or boy: Move along, bud.

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× വളരുക - Valaruka
× അവ - Ava
× മുള - Mula
× കോശി - Koshi
× പല്ലവം - Pallavam
× രണ്ട് തടിക്കഷണങ്ങള്‍ യോജിപ്പിക്കാന്‍ അവയില്‍ ദ്വാരങ്ങലുണ്ടാക്കി ഇടുന്ന നാമ്പ് - Randu Thadikkashanangal‍ Yojippikkaan‍ Avayil‍ Dhvaarangalundaakki Idunna Naampu | Randu Thadikkashanangal‍ Yojippikkan‍ Avayil‍ Dhvarangalundakki Idunna Nampu
× രോഹം - Roham
× ചാലം - Chaalam | Chalam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Isaiah 18:5

For before the harvest, when the bud is perfect And the sour grape is ripening in the flower, He will both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks And take away and cut down the branches.

കൊയ്ത്തിന്നു മുമ്പെ, മൊട്ടിട്ടു കഴിഞ്ഞു, പൂ പൊഴിഞ്ഞു മുന്തിരിങ്ങാ, മൂക്കുമ്പോൾ, അവൻ അരിവാൾകൊണ്ടു വള്ളി മുറിച്ചു ചില്ലി ചെത്തിക്കളയും.

Job 14:9

Yet at the scent of water it will bud And bring forth branches like a plant.

വെള്ളത്തിന്റെ ഗന്ധംകൊണ്ടു അതു കിളുർക്കും ഒരു തൈപോലെ തളിർ വിടും.


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