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Magnitude of material substance; dimensions; mass; size; as, an ox or ship of great bulk.

  1. Size, mass, or volume, especially when very large.
  2. A distinct mass or portion of matter, especially a large one: the dark bulk of buildings against the sky.
  3. The body of a human, especially when large or muscular.
  4. The major portion or greater part: "The great bulk of necessary work can never be anything but painful” ( Bertrand Russell).
  5. See fiber.
  6. Thickness of paper or cardboard in relation to weight.
  7. A ship's cargo.
  8. To be or appear to be massive in terms of size, volume, or importance; loom: Safety considerations bulked large during development of the new spacecraft.
  9. To grow or increase in size or importance.
  10. To cohere or form a mass: Certain paper bulks well.
  11. To cause to swell or expand.
  12. To cause to cohere or form a mass.
  13. Being large in mass, quantity, or volume: a bulk buy; a bulk mailing.
  14. bulk up To gain weight by gaining muscle: dietary supplements that helped the weightlifters bulk up.
  15. in bulk Unpackaged; loose.
  16. in bulk In large numbers, amounts, or volume.

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× കൂമ്പാരം - Koompaaram | Koomparam
× പരിമാണം - Parimaanam | Parimanam
× വലുതായി തോന്നുക - Valuthaayi Thonnuka | Valuthayi Thonnuka
× അളവ് - Alavu
× ഭീമകായനായ ആള്‍ - Bheemakaayanaaya Aal‍ | Bheemakayanaya al‍
× ബഹുലമാവുക - Bahulamaavuka | Bahulamavuka
× ഭൂരിഭാഗം - Bhooribhaagam | Bhooribhagam
× സ്ഥൂലം - Sthoolam
× ഭീമാംശം - Bheemaamsham | Bheemamsham
× പൊണ്ണത്തരം - Ponnaththaram | Ponnatharam
× പൊണ്ണത്തം - Ponnaththam | Ponnatham
× മുഖ്യഭാഗം - Mukhyabhaagam | Mukhyabhagam
× ആകൃതി - Aakruthi | akruthi
× വലുതാവുക - Valuthaavuka | Valuthavuka


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