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To intimidate; to restrain or coerce by intimidation or violence; -- used originally of the intimidation of negro voters, in Louisiana.

  1. To clear, dig up, or move with a bulldozer.
  2. To treat in an abusive manner; bully.
  3. To coerce in an unsympathetic or cruel way. See Synonyms at intimidate.
  4. To do away with; demolish: "A massive bipartisan majority voted . . . to bulldoze the social programs of decades in the next 30 days” ( Peter Goldman).
  5. To operate a bulldozer.
  6. To proceed forcefully or insensitively: "intends to bulldoze ahead with plans for extensive reconstruction” ( New York Times).

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× ഭയപ്പെടുത്തുക - Bhayappeduththuka | Bhayappeduthuka
× കാള - Kaala | Kala


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