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The diameter of the bore, as a cannon or other firearm, or of any tube; or the weight or size of the projectile which a firearm will carry; as, an 8 inch gun, a 12-pounder, a 44 caliber.

  1. The diameter of the inside of a round cylinder, such as a tube.
  2. The diameter of the bore of a firearm, usually shown in hundredths or thousandths of an inch and expressed in writing or print in terms of a decimal fraction: .45 caliber.
  3. The diameter of a large projectile, such as an artillery shell, measured in millimeters or in inches.
  4. Degree of worth; quality: a school of high caliber; an executive of low caliber.

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× തോക്കുകുഴലിന്‍റെ വ്യാസം - Thokkukuzhalin‍re Vyaasam | Thokkukuzhalin‍re Vyasam
× സ്വഭാവദാര്‍ഢ്യം - Svabhaavadhaar‍ddyam | swabhavadhar‍ddyam
× സ്വാഭാവദാര്‍ഢ്യം - Svaabhaavadhaar‍ddyam | swabhavadhar‍ddyam


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