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  1. The method or result of concealing personnel or equipment from an enemy by making them appear to be part of the natural surroundings.
  2. Concealment by disguise or protective coloring.
  3. Fabric or a garment dyed in splotches of green, brown, tan, and black so as to make the wearer indistinguishable from the surrounding environment.
  4. To conceal by the use of disguise or by protective coloring or garments that blend in with the surrounding environment.
  5. To conceal, usually through misrepresentation or other artifice: camouflaged their hatred with professions of friendship. See Synonyms at disguise.
  6. To use protective coloring or garments for concealment.

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× വഞ്ചന - Vanchana
× ശത്രുവിനെ വഞ്ചിക്കാനുള്ള കപടതന്ത്രം - Shathruvine Vanchikkaanulla Kapadathanthram | Shathruvine Vanchikkanulla Kapadathanthram


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