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A slender, cylindrical body of tallow, containing a wick composed of loosely twisted linen of cotton threads, and used to furnish light.

  1. A solid, usually cylindrical mass of tallow, wax, or other fatty substance with an axially embedded wick that is burned to provide light.
  2. Something resembling this object in shape or use.
  3. Physics An obsolete unit of luminous intensity, originally defined in terms of a wax candle with standard composition and equal to 1.02 candelas. Also called international candle.
  4. Physics See candela.
  5. To examine (an egg) for freshness or fertility by holding it before a bright light.

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× വെളിച്ചം അളക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള മാത്ര - Velicham Alakkunnathinulla Maathra | Velicham Alakkunnathinulla Mathra
× കോത്തിരി - Koththiri | Kothiri
× ദീപിക - Dheepika
× ദീപം - Dheepam


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