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a dry fruit or pod which is made up of several parts or carpels, and opens to discharge the seeds, as, the capsule of the poppy, the flax, the lily, etc.

  1. A small soluble container, usually made of gelatin, that encloses a dose of an oral medicine or a vitamin.
  2. Anatomy A fibrous, membranous, or fatty sheath that encloses an organ or part, such as the sac surrounding the kidney or the fibrous tissues that surround a joint.
  3. Microbiology A mucopolysaccharide outer shell enveloping certain bacteria.
  4. Botany A dry dehiscent fruit that develops from two or more united carpels.
  5. Botany The thin-walled, spore-containing structure of mosses and related plants.
  6. A space capsule.
  7. A brief summary; a condensation.
  8. Highly condensed; very brief: a capsule description.
  9. Very small; compact.
  10. To enclose in or furnish with a capsule.
  11. To condense or summarize: capsuled the news.

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× കാപ്‌സ്യൂള്‍ - Kaapsyool‍ | Kapsyool‍
× സ്വയം പൂര്‍ണ്ണമായ ബഹിരാകാശയാനാലയം - Svayam Poor‍nnamaaya Bahiraakaashayaanaalayam | swayam Poor‍nnamaya Bahirakashayanalayam
× അരുചികരമായ ഔഷധം പൊതിയുന്ന ജെലാറ്റിന്‍ പേടകം - Aruchikaramaaya Aushadham Pothiyunna Jelaattin‍ Pedakam | Aruchikaramaya oushadham Pothiyunna Jelattin‍ Pedakam
× ചർമ്മപത്രരൂപമായ ആവരണം - Charmmapathraroopamaaya Aavaranam | Charmmapathraroopamaya avaranam
× ചര്‍മ്മപത്രരൂപമായ ആവരണം - Char‍mmapathraroopamaaya Aavaranam | Char‍mmapathraroopamaya avaranam
× അരുചികരമായ ഔഷധം പൊതിയുന്ന ഗെലാറ്റിന്‍ കോശം - Aruchikaramaaya Aushadham Pothiyunna Gelaattin‍ Kosham | Aruchikaramaya oushadham Pothiyunna Gelattin‍ Kosham
× കയ്പുള്ള ഔഷധം പൊതിയുന്ന ആവരണം ഗുളിക - Kaypulla Aushadham Pothiyunna Aavaranam Gulika | Kaypulla oushadham Pothiyunna avaranam Gulika
× ബീജകോസം - Beejakosam
× ഗുളിക - Gulika


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