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A burdensome sense of responsibility; trouble caused by onerous duties; anxiety; concern; solicitude.

  1. A burdened state of mind, as that arising from heavy responsibilities; worry.
  2. Mental suffering; grief.
  3. An object or source of worry, attention, or solicitude: the many cares of a working parent.
  4. Caution in avoiding harm or danger: handled the crystal bowl with care.
  5. Close attention; painstaking application: painting the window frames and sashes with care.
  6. Upkeep; maintenance: a product for the care of fine floors; hair care products.
  7. Watchful oversight; charge or supervision: left the child in the care of a neighbor.
  8. Attentive assistance or treatment to those in need: a hospital that provides emergency care.
  9. To be concerned or interested: Once inside, we didn't care whether it rained or not.
  10. To provide needed assistance or watchful supervision: cared for the wounded; caring for an aged relative at home.
  11. To object or mind: If no one cares, I'll smoke.
  12. To have a liking or attachment: didn't care for the movie.
  13. To have a wish; be inclined: Would you care for another helping?
  14. To wish; desire: Would you care to dance?
  15. To be concerned to the degree of: I don't care a bit what critics think.

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× ചിന്താകുലത - Chinthaakulatha | Chinthakulatha
× ജാഗ്രത - Jaagratha | Jagratha
× ജാഗരൂകത - Jaagarookatha | Jagarookatha
× കരുതല്‍ - Karuthal‍
× വിചാരപ്പെടുക - Vichaarappeduka | Vicharappeduka
× അവധാനം - Avadhaanam | Avadhanam
× അവധാനത - Avadhaanatha | Avadhanatha
× കരുതൽ - Karuthal
× ചിന്ത - Chintha
× തല്‍പരനായിരിക്കുക - Thal‍paranaayirikkuka | Thal‍paranayirikkuka
× ഉത്സുകനാകുക - Uthsukanaakuka | Uthsukanakuka
× ഉദക്കണ്‌ഠിതനാകുക - Udhakkandithanaakuka | Udhakkandithanakuka
× താത്‌പര്യം - Thaathparyam | Thathparyam
× ശ്രദ്ധിക്കുക - Shraddhikkuka | Shradhikkuka
× ശ്രദ്ധ - Shraddha | Shradha
× ഗൗനിക്കുക - Gaunikkuka | Gounikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

John 10:13

The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep.

അവൻ കൂലിക്കാരനും ആടുകളെക്കുറിച്ചു വിചാരമില്ലാത്തവനുമല്ലോ.

Luke 10:34

So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him.

പിറ്റെന്നാൾ അവൻ പുറപ്പെടുമ്പോൾ രണ്ടു വെള്ളിക്കാശ് എടുത്തു വഴിയമ്പലക്കാരന്നു കൊടുത്തു: ഇവനെ രക്ഷ ചെയ്യേണം; അധികം വല്ലതും ചെലവിട്ടാൽ ഞാൻ മടങ്ങിവരുമ്പോൾ തന്നു കൊള്ളാം എന്നു അവനോടു പറഞ്ഞു.

Philippians 2:20

For I have no one like-minded, who will sincerely care for your state.

നിങ്ങളെ സംബന്ധിച്ചു പരമാർത്ഥമായി കരുതുവാൻ തുല്യചിത്തനായി എനിക്കു മറ്റാരുമില്ല.


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