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Eating or feeding on flesh. The term is applied: (a) to animals which naturally seek flesh for food, as the tiger, dog, etc.; (b) to plants which are supposed to absorb animal food; (c) to substances which destroy animal tissue, as caustics.

  1. Of or relating to carnivores.
  2. Flesh-eating or predatory: a carnivorous bird.
  3. Characterized by destructive or predatory behavior or instincts: "a city becoming increasingly carnivorous as it becomes decreasingly serious about governance” ( George F. Will).
  4. Botany Capable of trapping insects or other small organisms and absorbing nutrients from them; insectivorous.

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അറുകൊല - Arukola ;മാംസഭുക്കുകളായ - Maamsabhukkukalaaya | Mamsabhukkukalaya ;കൂട്ടക്കൊല - Koottakkola ;മാംസഭുക്കായ - Maamsabhukkaaya | Mamsabhukkaya ;മാംസഭോജന പ്രകൃതമുള്ള - Maamsabhojana Prakruthamulla | Mamsabhojana Prakruthamulla ;വധം - Vadham ;


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