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One who, or that which, carries or conveys; a messenger.

  1. One that transports or conveys: baggage carriers; a message carrier.
  2. One, such as a person, business, or organization, that deals in the transport of passengers or goods.
  3. A mechanism or device by which something is conveyed or conducted.
  4. Medicine A person or an animal that shows no symptoms of a disease but harbors the infectious agent of that disease and is capable of transmitting it to others.
  5. Genetics An individual that carries one gene for a particular recessive trait. A carrier does not express the trait but, when mated with another carrier, can produce offspring that do.
  6. Electronics A carrier wave.
  7. Electronics A charge-carrying entity, especially an electron or a hole in a semiconductor.
  8. An aircraft carrier.
  9. An insurance or underwriting organization.
  10. A telecommunications company.

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× ചുമട്ടുകാരൻ - Chumattukaaran | Chumattukaran
× വാഹകൻ - Vaahakan | Vahakan
× ചുമട്ടുകാരന്‍ - Chumattukaaran‍ | Chumattukaran‍
× ദൂതന്‍ - Dhoothan‍
× വാഹനം - Vaahanam | Vahanam
× രഥം - Ratham
× വാഹകന്‍ - Vaahakan‍ | Vahakan‍


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