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A tree (Anacardium occidentale) of the same family which the sumac. It is native in tropical America, but is now naturalized in all tropical countries. Its fruit, a kidney-shaped nut, grows at the extremity of an edible, pear- shaped hypocarp, about three inches long.

  1. A tropical American evergreen tree (Anacardium occidentale) widely cultivated for its edible nutlike kernels.
  2. The kidney-shaped seed of this tree, eaten after roasting.

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× കശുമാവ്‌ - Kashumaavu | Kashumavu
× പറങ്കിമാവ് - Parankimaavu | Parankimavu
× കശുമാങ്ങ - Kashumaanga | Kashumanga
× പറങ്കിമാവ്‌ - Parankimaavu | Parankimavu


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