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To make a sudden, sharp noise, or a succesion of such noises, as by striking an object, or by collision of parts; to rattle; to click.

  1. To make an abrupt, sharp sound, as in the collision of two hard surfaces.
  2. To chatter thoughtlessly or at length.
  3. To cackle or cluck, as a hen.
  4. To cause to make an abrupt, sharp sound.
  5. A clacking sound: the clack of an old-fashioned typewriter.
  6. Something that makes a clacking sound.
  7. Thoughtless, prolonged talk; chatter.

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× ശബ്‌ദം - Shabdham
× കടകടശബ്ദം ഉണ്ടാക്കുക - Kadakadashabdham Undaakkuka | Kadakadashabdham Undakkuka
× നിറുത്താതെ സംസാരിക്കുക - Niruththaathe Samsaarikkuka | Niruthathe Samsarikkuka
× കിലുകിലു ശബ്‌ദമുണ്ടാക്കുക - Kilukilu Shabdhamundaakkuka | Kilukilu Shabdhamundakkuka
× കടകടശബ്‌ദം ഉണ്ടാക്കുക - Kadakadashabdham Undaakkuka | Kadakadashabdham Undakkuka
× കടകട ശബ്‌ദം ഉണ്ടാക്കുക - Kadakada Shabdham Undaakkuka | Kadakada Shabdham Undakkuka
× നാഗരികത - Naagarikatha | Nagarikatha


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