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A wind instrument, blown by a single reed, of richer and fuller tone than the oboe, which has a double reed. It is the leading instrument in a military band.

  1. A woodwind instrument having a straight cylindrical tube with a flaring bell and a single-reed mouthpiece, played by means of finger holes and keys.

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× ഒരു കുഴല്‍ വാദ്യം - Oru Kuzhal‍ Vaadhyam | Oru Kuzhal‍ Vadhyam
× വ്യക്തമാക്കുക - Vyakthamaakkuka | Vyakthamakkuka
× കുഴല്‍ വാദ്യം - Kuzhal‍ Vaadhyam | Kuzhal‍ Vadhyam
× ഒരു കുഴൽ വാദ്യം - Oru Kuzhal Vaadhyam | Oru Kuzhal Vadhyam
× കുഴൽ വാദ്യം - Kuzhal Vaadhyam | Kuzhal Vadhyam


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