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Relating to a climacteric; critical.

  1. A period of life characterized by physiological and psychic change that marks the end of the reproductive capacity of women and terminates with the completion of menopause.
  2. A corresponding period sometimes occurring in men that may be marked by a reduction in sexual activity, although fertility is retained.
  3. A critical period or year in a person's life when major changes in health or fortune are thought to take place.
  4. A critical stage, period, or year: "before the end of the millennium, whether [he] lives to see that ecclesiastical climacteric or not” ( Conor Cruise O'Brien).
  5. Of or relating to a climacteric.
  6. Critical; crucial.

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× ജീവിതത്തില്‍ ശാരീരിക ശക്തികള്‍ ്ഷയിക്കുവാന്‍ തുടങഅങുന്ന കാലഘട്ടം - Jeevithaththil‍ Shaareerika Shakthikal‍ ്shayikkuvaan‍ Thudangaangunna Kaalaghattam | Jeevithathil‍ Shareerika Shakthikal‍ ്shayikkuvan‍ Thudangangunna Kalaghattam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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