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A tough, lustrous, reddish white metal of the iron group, not easily fusible, and somewhat magnetic. Atomic weight 59.1. Symbol Co.

  1. A hard, brittle metallic element, found associated with nickel, silver, lead, copper, and iron ores and resembling nickel and iron in appearance. It is used chiefly for magnetic alloys, high-temperature alloys, and in the form of its salts for blue glass and ceramic pigments. Atomic number 27; atomic weight 58.9332; melting point 1,495°C; boiling point 2,900°C; specific gravity 8.9; valence 2, 3. See Table at element.

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× മനശ്ശീല - Manasheela
× മനയോല - Manayola
× മനയോല - Manayola
× ഒരു മൂലകം - Oru Moolakam
× കോബാൾട്ട്‌ 60 പൊടി പരത്തുന്നതിനാൽ അത്യാപൽക്കരമായ ഒരു ഹൈഡ്രജൻ ബോംബ്‌ - Kobaalttu 60 Podi Paraththunnathinaal Athyaapalkkaramaaya Oru Haidrajan Bombu | Kobalttu 60 Podi Parathunnathinal Athyapalkkaramaya Oru Haidrajan Bombu


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