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The end of the vertebral column beyond the sacrum in man and tailless monkeys. It is composed of several vertebræ more or less consolidated.

  1. A small triangular bone at the base of the spinal column in humans and tailless apes, consisting of several fused rudimentary vertebrae. Also called tailbone.

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× മാറാല - Maaraala | Marala
× വാൽമുള്ള്‌ - Vaalmullu | Valmullu
× ഗുദാസ്ഥി - Gudhaasthi | Gudhasthi
× മുതുകെല്ലിന്റെ അടിഭാഗം - Muthukellinte Adibhaagam | Muthukellinte Adibhagam
× വാല്‍മുള്ള്‌ - Vaal‍mullu | Val‍mullu


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