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Coöperating; acting together to produce an effect.

  1. A number or symbol multiplied with a variable or an unknown quantity in an algebraic term, as 4 in the term 4x, or x in the term x(a + b).
  2. A numerical measure of a physical or chemical property that is constant for a system under specified conditions such as the coefficient of friction.

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അടുക്കുക - Adukkuka ;(ഗണിതം) ഗുണോത്തരം - (ganitham) Gunoththaram | (ganitham) Gunotharam ;ക്രമീകരിക്കുക - Krameekarikkuka ;ഗുണകം - Gunakam ;ഘടകം - Ghadakam ;ഗുണനസംഖ്യ - Gunanasamkhya ;

സഹകാരി - Sahakaari | Sahakari ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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