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To wind cylindrically or spirally; as, to coil a rope when not in use; the snake coiled itself before springing.

  1. A series of connected spirals or concentric rings formed by gathering or winding: a coil of rope; long coils of hair.
  2. An individual spiral or ring within such a series.
  3. A spiral pipe or series of spiral pipes, as in a radiator.
  4. Electricity A wound spiral of two or more turns of insulated wire, used to introduce inductance into a circuit.
  5. Electricity Any of various devices of which such a spiral is the major component.
  6. A roll of postage stamps prepared for use in a vending machine.
  7. To wind in concentric rings or spirals.
  8. To wind into a shape resembling a coil.
  9. To form concentric rings or spirals.
  10. To move in a spiral course: black smoke coiling up into the sky.
  11. A disturbance; a fuss.

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× വലയം - Valayam
× ചുരുൾ - Churul
× ശബ്ദം - Shabdham
× വ്യാവര്‍ത്തനം - Vyaavar‍ththanam | Vyavar‍thanam
× ആരവം - Aaravam | aravam


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