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A collection, body, or society of persons engaged in common pursuits, or having common duties and interests, and sometimes, by charter, peculiar rights and privileges; as, a college of heralds; a college of electors; a college of bishops.

  1. An institution of higher learning that grants the bachelor's degree in liberal arts or science or both.
  2. An undergraduate division or school of a university offering courses and granting degrees in a particular field.
  3. A school, sometimes but not always a university, offering special instruction in professional or technical subjects.
  4. The students, faculty, and administration of such a school or institution.
  5. The building or buildings occupied by such a school or institution.
  6. Chiefly British A self-governing society of scholars for study or instruction, incorporated within a university.
  7. An institution in France for secondary education that is not supported by the state.
  8. A body of persons having a common purpose or shared duties: a college of surgeons.
  9. An electoral college.
  10. A body of clerics living together on an endowment.

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× മഹാവിദ്യാലയം - Mahaavidhyaalayam | Mahavidhyalayam
× ഉന്നതവിദ്യാലയം - Unnathavidhyaalayam | Unnathavidhyalayam
× ഉന്നതവിദ്യാഭ്യാസസ്ഥാപനം - Unnathavidhyaabhyaasasthaapanam | Unnathavidhyabhyasasthapanam
× സംഘടന - Samghadana
× കലാശാല - Kalaashaala | Kalashala
× കലാലയം - Kalaalayam | Kalalayam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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