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Mildness and suavity of manners; courtesy between equals; friendly civility; as, comity of manners; the comity of States.

  1. An atmosphere of social harmony.
  2. See comity of nations.
  3. The principle by which the courts of one jurisdiction may accede or give effect to the laws or decisions of another.

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മഹാമനസ്കത - Mahaamanaskatha | Mahamanaskatha ;ദാക്ഷിണ്യം - Dhaakshinyam | Dhakshinyam ;സദാചാരം - Sadhaachaaram | Sadhacharam ;മര്യാദ - Maryaadha | Maryadha ;സൗമ്യഗുണം - Saumyagunam | Soumyagunam ;ആദരവ് - Aadharavu | adharavu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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