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A tree or shrub bearing cones; one of the order Coniferae, which includes the pine, cypress, and (according to some) the yew.

  1. Any of various mostly needle-leaved or scale-leaved, chiefly evergreen, cone-bearing gymnospermous trees or shrubs such as pines, spruces, and firs.

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× സ്തുപികാഗ്രവൃക്ഷം - Sthupikaagravruksham | Sthupikagravruksham
× സമാജം - Samaajam | Samajam
× സ്‌തൂപികാഗ്രവൃക്ഷം - Sthoopikaagravruksham | Sthoopikagravruksham


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