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Following as a result, inference, or natural effect.

  1. Following as a natural effect, result, or conclusion: tried to prevent an oil spill and the consequent damage to wildlife.
  2. Following as a logical conclusion.
  3. Logically correct or consistent.
  4. Geology Having a position or direction determined by the original form or slope of the earth's surface: a consequent river; a consequent valley.
  5. Logic The conclusion, as of a syllogism or a conditional sentence.
  6. The second term of a ratio.

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× അനന്തരഫലമായ - Anantharaphalamaaya | Anantharaphalamaya
× അനുമതി - Anumathi
× പരിണതഫലമായ - Parinathaphalamaaya | Parinathaphalamaya


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