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A cluster or group of fixed stars, or division of the heavens, designated in most cases by the name of some animal, or of some mythologial personage, within whose imaginary outline, as traced upon the heavens, the group is included.

  1. Astronomy An arbitrary formation of stars perceived as a figure or design, especially one of 88 recognized groups named after characters from classical mythology and various common animals and objects.
  2. Astronomy An area of the celestial sphere occupied by one of the 88 recognized constellations.
  3. The configuration of planets at the time of one's birth, regarded by astrologers as determining one's character or fate.
  4. A gathering or an assemblage, especially of prominent persons or things: The symposium was attended by a constellation of artists and writers.
  5. A set or configuration, as of related items, properties, ideas, or individuals: a constellation of demands ranging from better food to improved health care; a constellation of feelings about the divorce.

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× സദാ - Sadhaa | Sadha
× താരാവലി - Thaaraavali | Tharavali
× നക്ഷത്രരാശി - Nakshathraraashi | Nakshathrarashi
× ഭഗണം - Bhaganam
× ഉത്തരാഭദ്ര - Uththaraabhadhra | Utharabhadhra
× നിരന്തരമായി - Nirantharamaayi | Nirantharamayi
× ആളുകളുടെയോ ആശയങ്ങളുടെയോ വൃന്ദം - Aalukaludeyo Aashayangaludeyo Vrundham | alukaludeyo ashayangaludeyo Vrundham
× ആഷാഢ - Aashaadda | ashadda


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