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A cord or ribbon bestowed or borne as a badge of honor; a broad ribbon, usually worn after the manner of a baldric, constituting a mark of a very high grade in an honorary order. Cf. Grand cordon.

  1. A line of people, military posts, or ships stationed around an area to enclose or guard it.
  2. A cord or braid worn as a fastening or ornament.
  3. A ribbon usually worn diagonally across the breast as a badge of honor or decoration.
  4. Architecture A stringcourse.
  5. Botany A tree or shrub, especially a fruit tree such as an apple or pear, repeatedly pruned and trained to grow on a support as a single ropelike stem.
  6. To form a cordon around (an area) so as to prevent movement in or out: Troops cordoned off the riot zone.

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× സ്ഥാനചിഹ്നമായി നെഞ്ചില്‍ ധരിക്കുന്ന പട്ടുനാട - Sthaanachihnamaayi Nenchil‍ Dharikkunna Pattunaada | Sthanachihnamayi Nenchil‍ Dharikkunna Pattunada
× കാവല്‍സൈന്യനിര - Kaaval‍sainyanira | Kaval‍sainyanira
× സേനാവലയം - Senaavalayam | Senavalayam
× കാവല്‍സൈന്യ നിര - Kaaval‍sainya Nira | Kaval‍sainya Nira
× കാവൽസൈന്യനിര - Kaavalsainyanira | Kavalsainyanira
× ആചാരം - Aachaaram | acharam
× മാര്‍ഗ്ഗ പ്രതിബന്ധകസൈന്യം - Maar‍gga Prathibandhakasainyam | Mar‍gga Prathibandhakasainyam


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